VHS have announced their imminent return with their third album, We’re Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs! With tongue still firmly planted in cheek, this Canadian trio is exploring the murky depths with their latest release. Sea monsters, killer whales, and bloodthirsty creatures make up the majority of the lyrical content, while the usual killer in a mask makes a brief appearance, which should be expected of any sequel!

The album shows the band staying true to their diverse and catchy style, taking elements from death metal, punk and even hair metal throughout the album’s fourteen tracks.

Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder lends his snarl to the midtempo Rooting For the Villain, while Matt Harvey of Exhumed adds an extra layer of sickness to the rocking nod to Humanoids from the Deep, Death and Carnage Coming in Waves. Matt also supplies the albums opening orchestral intro as well.

We’re Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs will be released on 26th July 2019 via Rotten Roll Rex (CD) and HPGD Productions (digital).

We’re Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs Tracklist:
Full Scream Ahead (Intro)
Zombie Vs. Shark
Let’s Get Gruesome
Voracious and Violent
Rooting for the Villain (Ft. Trevor Strnad)
An Old Lady and Her Crocodile
Oozing, Bubbling Black Mass
Death and Carnage Coming in Waves (Ft. Matt Harvey)
Savage Streets
Face Full of Worms
Bringer of Death
From the Murky Depths
Cruise Ship Carnage
Marine Monstrosity

The eighties… The time of neon, excess, and bad music. But the blood ran thick and eyeballs were exposed to some of the most ridiculous and nasty images ever committed to film. VHS is a tribute to the first time you saw Jason hit an unsuspecting girl into a tree, the first time Freddy cracked a one liner, or the first time you saw a gut munched in graphic detail. This is a tribute to eighties horror, clamshells and all!

If you took old school death metal, punk simplicity, and a dose of eighties hair metal and thrash, threw it in a blender the resulting black goo would be the sound of VHS. It’ll stick to your teeth and probably rot your insides but if you are an old school metal fan you’ll love every second of it.

Lyrically VHS is like browsing a video store in the late eighties. Inspiration is drawn from the classics but also some lesser known gems as well. Succinct and bloody, the lyrics are like a well done gore scene but not without a sense of humour. This is a tribute to horror but not without poking a little fun at it.

Fast, catchy and bloody, that is VHS at its core. They are coming for you and they will not stop until the screaming stops. You have been warned!


Mike: Guitar/Vocals
Curtis: Bass
Andy: Drums