The animated clip for Scared and Alone has been created by renowned Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu and revolves around the medical condition of depression, which is represented by the metaphorical “black dog” – a slang term expressing depression.

Crippled Black Phoenix mastermind Justin Greaves comments on Scared and Alone: “Costin Chioreanu has created an amazing clip. His animation fits so very well that this can only come from someone, who truly understands the feeling behind this song. It is not an easy thing to connect with so I have nothing but respect and praise for Costin. Scared and Alone speaks volumes about being cut off from the outside world and other people when the “Black Dog” bites. Depression, anxiety and mental health are becoming bigger issues and when someone speaks up, it opens a door for other people to get things off their mind. Belinda Kordic wrote the lyrics as well as doing the vocals for Scared and Alone and she did not need to be given any direction. As always, she took the title and the music and shaped the most real and heartfelt words into a very poetic form. I am deeply satisfied with the way everything turned out, both sonically and visually.”

Artist Costin Chioreanu tells his side of the story: “No human being can ever get completely free of depression, simply because we can never be completely happy. The root of this sick behaviour pattern is our need to always increase the intensity of our life’s pleasures – regardless of the issue. We need more and more or we fall into a hole. In this state, we pretty much resemble drug addicts. This greed is amplified by society, which imposes desires on us and once our minds have been trained to function in accordance with such parameters, it becomes increasingly difficult to get back to something simple that we have either forgotten or never known to exist. The story of Scared and Alone gives the complete picture of this gaping hole, the inner view of an entire life from the perspective of a person with no escape.

Regarding the band’s forthcoming tour, Justin Greaves adds: “It is always an adventure to go out on tour. Besides supporting our new album that alone is a good reason to do this. This time we are going to play more new material than we usually do, which is testament to how we feel about Bronze. We are all excited to play these new songs live. The billing is also really appealing to me personally as we will be touring with Publicist UK and The Devils Trade – and we had to work hard to make that happen. I believe that our crowd will dig these guys and the package will give everybody a memorable evening. Looking forward to this one and see you there!”

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