British punk metallers Tau Cross – now centred around bassist/vocalist Rob Miller (Amebix) after the much-chronicled implosion of the band’s original lineup last year – have released a second single from their upcoming Messengers of Deception album, which is scheduled for release through Easyaction Records on December 4th, and we here at Sentinel Daily are happy to give the title track it’s video premiere!

Says Miller of the new album: “I considered the material to be an important and critical part of my development as a writer, but also as a condensation of some of the more esoteric ideas I have been following in recent years, particularly since the recent incarnation of Amebix and the consequent result that has become Tau Cross. My interest in Gnostic Cosmology, occult magick traditions and the links with the UFO and folk tale phenomena have led to a kind of synthesis and a connecting of dots that sees its full scope and import in this most recent work. There are themes within Messengers of Deception that should lead the listener to some serious food for thought.”

Miller recently spoke to The Secret History of Western Esotericism Podcast (SHWEP) and had this to say about the track Messengers of Deception: “I think that (Renaissance occultist) Edward Kelley was a seer, who along with his associate John Dee created a self-reasoning alphabet, almost like a computer programme (Enochian – Ed); he was in touch with entities who allowed him to disseminate that language, with the help of Dee, thereby instructing practising magicians how to interact with them (the entities)…”

As with anything written by Rob Miller, there’s far more to it than that, and if you want to jump down the Rabbit hole into a world of Aleister Crowley, UFOs, Fairie Folk and the Men in Black we heartily recommend you listen to the whole of the podcast – but for now settle back and enjoy the new vid for the track Messengers of Deception…