Steven Tyler, Jessie James Dupree, Noddy Holder, the singer from Airbourne… All names we’ve seen thrown into the blender today as the rock n’roll rumour mill gets into gear following the shock news released by AC/DC that singer Brian Johnson has been told to step down from his singing role by egg-headed boffins with the band WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT.

Given that the band are still in the midst of a seemingly-interminable tour in support of 2014’s excellent Rock or Bust opus this is serious news indeed. So who will get the nod to take over, at least temporarily whilst scientists try and repair Brian’s hearing? We here at Sentinel Daily have had a quick think, consulted a few industry shamen and come up with this list of people we think might well stand a chance at getting to hit that big bell with a mallet much sooner than any of us anticipated…

1. Jimmy Barnes (Evs joint fav)
Image result for jimmy barnes
Barnesy has a long association with the ‘Dacca, right back to replacing Bon Scott in Adelaide rockers Fraternity before AC/DC were even a glint in Vanda and Young’s eye… Surely has the pipes to do the job, but is he too big a star in his own right to climb aboard the formidably tightly run good ship High Voltage?

2. Dave Gleeson (Evs joint fav)
The Screaming Jets - 2013 - Dave Gleeson - Vocals
We’ve done a sweep of the interwebs and can’t find confirmation, but a man we met in the pub told us that Screaming Jets’ throat Gleeson is, as of a couple of days ago, former Screaming Jets throat Dave Gleeson… Syncronicity, the working of a higher power? Or is Gleeson already set to be allegedly the new voice of AC/DC?

3. Mark Storace (5-1)

Swiss rockers Krokus made a fortune in the late seventies/early eighties reworking the ‘DC template for Euro audiences. So we think he’d fit the bill perfectly…

4. This Bloke (10-1)
Nobody’s heard of him since this appearance on little-watched UK TV show ECT in the mid eighties but surely, on the strength of this performance, Trash’s Tony Hellander must be in with a shout?

5. Noddy Holder (20-1)

He turned the job down before Brian Johnson was finally offered it, and he’s not even fronting the version of Slade that’s hacking around the circuit at the minute so he’s got a bit of time on his hands… would he still be up to the task?

6. Jessie James Dupree 100-1

Nobody loves JJ’s cock anymore, do they?

7. The singer from Airbourne 125-1
Image result for airbourne singer
We’ve seen this bloke mentioned a few times around the traps now, but surely a behemothic outfit like AC/DC, a veritable rock institution, would be looking for someone with an original thought or two in their heads, no? On second thoughts…

8. Georg Dolivo 500-1
Maybe he sounds a bit more like Bon Scott than Brian Johnson, but the Rhino Bucket frontman surely knows his way around the AC/DC back catalogue… and it’s about time they started playing Riff Raff again, ain’t it?

9. Rolf Harris 666-1

(You’re fired –ed)