Hails to you, Senor Hammer – thanks for being part of the Sentinel Daily community! Here’s your opening question -What was the best new album you heard in 2016? “I think it’s the Steel Hammer album The Sound of the Iron Bells and the Asphyx Incoming Death record”.

Okay, what were the two best albums you heard! And what about old stuff – did any reissues grab your attention this year? “Reissues?, maybe it might have been the Kill’em All and Ride the Lightning special issues but the best was Nightmare Theatre from Exorcist  – far away it was the best reissue of all time”.

What was your non-musical highlight of the last twelve months? “Actually I don’t anything outside of music, I mean, I dedicate my life almost all the time to metal music; it’s my priority and passion definitively. Even though I could say I’ve found peace in all things in my personal life such as my family group, relationship and friends”.

Join the club! And what a club it is – a privilege to be part of! Even though you’ve just said you don’t pay much attention to non-musical pursuits, what have you found particularly disappointing about the wider world in 2016? “About the World? too many things! But nobody can hide all the wrong things are happening worldwide, for example, the war between religions, the lack of respect for each others’ freedom of thought, the dominion of the biggest companies accumulating tons of money when there people dying because of hunger, the extreme use of gas and making our atmosphere too heavy for human beings and the animal kingdom… the stupid hunting of animals to increase the human ego, the politicians dividing citizens in each country, the people who steal, murder or intimidate others because they don’t want to work in normal jobs as all the normal people have to, the stupid discrimination all around the world whether it’s because you have Tattoos, piercings, long hair,  because you dress differently or  have a different political idea or economical point of view, or because of race, or nationality (we are all earthlings), Anyway there are tons of disappointing things, what a big shame!”

What a shame indeed – and what an answer – pretty comprehensive for someone who doesn’t take notice of what’s going on outside of music! Newxt question – Do you think the music scene – and our sort of music in particular – is in good shape at the minute? “Yeah, we are in good shape absolutely, even if I think some of the big bands should call it a day to give a chance to the “new bands” to spread metal to new generations and rejuvenate the music, as has been happening for at least 3 decades; New bands deserve that place that the older bands have gotten. That doesn’t mean some of the older bands have to retire(although some of them should!), but those band’s reunions that seem to be just for the money? that’s something that I’m not agreeing with at all”.

Did anything disappoint you musically in 2016? ” Yes, BabyMeta. What the fuck is that? Who the fuck  in the metal scene is approving or supporting that? FOAD Babymetal. That’s it!”

Hear, hear! Which practitioners of your own musical role impressed you most this year? “I don’t know, maybe Dave Lombardo, I admire his ability to play in different bands and doing it great”.

Year in, year out, he delivers the goods, that’s for sure! What was the best live act you’ve seen this year? “The best live act by far was Raven. What a fucking live metal performance they put on

stage, I think few bands have this attitude, energy, delivery, rapport with the metal crowd and passion on stage”.

Athletic rock lives! What does the next twelve months hold in prospect for you? “Booking dates for Witchtrap worldwide if it’s possible, and spreading the new album Trap the Witch to all our fans old and new and starting with the pre-production of the new album”.

Which band, if any, do you think is primed to break out into the wider consciousness in 2017? “I think Inquisition would be the band to get bigger exposure into the metal scene, but I think they urgently need a bass player at least for live performance; beside that there’s a band called Horizont that could be a band to break out from the cene, but we will see, and obviously Witchtrap – we are ready and we have everything primed to go!”

Well, Witchtrap went without saying but I’m interested you’ve gone for Horizont – great band! We’re fast approaching the festive season – best night for a party – Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve? “Actually, I usually being party all the year, love having good times or partying with family or friends, and this is happens all the time when I’m at home and not playing live in other cities; Notwithstanding that, with Christmas Eve or something like that, actually I’m not a religious guy, so I don’t give a fuck about those festive seasons, If it happens by chance, and not because I have done something to organize it – that’s what I prefer!”

Fair enough! We’re not going to ask for a New Year’s Resolution – but what musical feat do you hope to attain next year? “We have no a main aim, we are just playing live, composing, writing and producing our own stuff, we are not about aims or plans, we are totally calm and patient, all the good things will come if we keep doing what we love and what we want to do. I’m not a person that lives thinking in the future or the past, I live the in present, day by day, and living each day with all my passion for the things I love to do, in my case, for my band and metal music, because metal music has given to me all the good things that I have never imagined I could have before”.

A nice philosophical way to think of things. Thanks for taking part!

Witchtrap’s new album, Sorceress Bitch, is released on November 18th through Hells Headbangers   have a listen below!