Israeli duo Ziggurat are re-releasing the demo they released last year, this time through label Blood Harvest.

Obviously the band members hope to reach a wider audience by reactivating the release, and on the evidence of the music contained within the release they certainly seem ready for wider exposure.

The musical premise of Ziggurat is basic. Some might say simplistic. However the band follows through on the limited promises made. Summoning the Giant Serpent is the best track of those offered for review, benefiting from ringing, anthemic rhythm guitar that reminds the reviewer of such artists as Blut Aus Nord. However the barbaric metal style of the drumming earths the more delicate guitar work, keeping the band anchored squarely in primitive territory.

The same could also be said for closing track Death Rites Transcendence.

Nothing on the EP breaks new ground, but for many that is an intrinsic appeal of this type of music. The band satisfy all the requirements of ardent fans of the genre, without really asking any questions of the listener. If the thought of simple yet well-executed black metal with hints of death metal excites your imagination, then I have no qualms in recommending Ziggurat to you.


Ritual Miasma is out now.