Accept, the stalwart German heavy metal juggernauts, return with their latest opus, Humanoid, set to ignite eardrums and thrill metal aficionados worldwide. Produced once again by the esteemed helmsman Andy Sneap at Backstage in Derbyshire, UK, Over the course of the album’s eleven tracks, Humanoid emerges as a towering hymnal to the band’s enduring legacy in the metal realm, poised to captivate both die-hard fans and newcomers alike. In simple terms, it’s the most consistently impressive release from the band since 2012’s Stalingrad effort.

From its inception in 1976, Accept has consistently delivered seismic albums, with classics like Restless and Wild, Balls To The Wall and Metal Heart solidifying their iconic status. Humanoid seamlessly continues this tradition, exploring contemporary themes with the band’s signature intensity and verve.

The album kicks off with Diving Into Sin, a track that immediately commands attention with its Middle Eastern-infused intro and Mark Tornillo‘s electrifying vocals, setting the stage for the exhilarating sonic journey ahead. The title track, Humanoid, serves as a cautionary tale, delving into the pitfalls of technology and our diminishing individuality, while tracks like Frankenstein and Man Up offer fresh perspectives on familiar themes, imbued with Accept’s trademark vigour.

Throughout Humanoid, Accept showcases their mastery of the genre, effortlessly blending elements of classic metal with modern sensibilities. Tracks like The Reckoning and Straight Up Jack display the band’s versatility, from anthemic choruses to blistering guitar solos, all anchored by Tornillo’s commanding vocals.

The album’s thematic depth is further underscored by tracks like Mind Games, which packs a punch reminiscent of the best of Accept’s recent sound, and Nobody Gets Out Alive, a poignant reminder of life’s inevitable end. Southside Of Hell closes the album with a flourish, leaving listeners craving more of Accept’s unmistakable brand of metal brilliance. If, like me, you’ve felt the band was running out of steam a little over the last couple of albums, Humanoid will restore your faith in the band – and then some.

Humanoid screams of Accept’s enduring relevance and innovation within the metal landscape. With its electrifying energy, intricate songwriting, and thought-provoking lyrics, the album solidifies the band’s status as true metal titans, poised to conquer stages and (metal) hearts for years to come.

Humanoid releases on April 26th.