Afire is a melodic hard rock band hailing from Oulu, Finland. The band was formed in 2016 when vocalist Suvi Hiltunen joined forces with long-term Oulu-based musicians guitarist Antti Leiviskä (ex-Poisonblack, Brüssel Kaupallinen), guitarist Sami Kukkohovi (ex-Sentenced, KYPCK), bassist Harri Halonen and drummer Tarmo Kanerva (ex-Poisonblack).

Let Me Be the One is the first single from the band´s debut album On the Road from Nowhere (due to be released on November 16th by Concorde Music Company). You can watch the video for the single, described by Sentinel Daily‘s very own dustcoat-wearing melodic rock guru Gavin Strickmann as “classy, very very classy” below!

Says songwriter Harri Halonen on the single: “Let Me Be The One is one of the first songs I wrote with our singer Suvi Hiltunen for this band. It might not be the most evident choice as first single amongst the uptempo rock songs on the album, but It does represent well the moodier side of Afire, which is an essential part of what we have to offer.”

So, if you’re into catchy choruses and groovy, solid rock music, Afire is a band you definitely need to check out!