Finland’s Antipope return with their highly anticipated genre-melding sixth album of melodic and progressive heavy metal: Rex Mundi! A conceptual, progressive melodic heavy metal masterpiece based on the 1200’s Cathar Crusades.

The ever transforming but always recognisable, progressive, melodic heavy metal artisans Antipope are a staple in today’s modern hard music scene. Since their founding in 2004 they have released five full length albums, Desert (2010), House of Harlot (2011), 3 Eyes of Time (2013) and Denial/Survival (2017), culminating with 2020’s breakthrough release Apostle of Infinite Joy on Fertile Crescent/Moribund Records.

Finland’s icons of melodic and progressive metal return with their highly anticipated sixth album Rex Mundi. A through-and-through concept album is set in the thirteenth century based on the Albigensian Crusade/Cathar Wars, delivering eleven bold tracks of progressive, melodic and deeply conceptual metal unrestricted by the confines of any singular genre. The bloody, brutal and tragic story of the birth of the Inquisition and the rise of the church of Rome as the spiritual super-power of the era is backed by melodic yet heavy guitar rhythms which breathe with acoustic segments, all interspersed amongst monster metal riffs and searing drum grooves. The album showcases a depth and range of sound and variation demanded by the epic, brutal, and tragic story told on Rex Mundi!

Track Listing:
Plague of Heresy and Madness
Rex Mundi Aeternum
Hounds of Lord
Eye of the Storm
Glory of Slaughter
Nameless Ritual to Traverse the Abyss between Darkness and Light
When the Day Is Done
Mysterious Ways of Loss, Grief, and Distress
Twilight of the Grey Gods
Church of Wolves
Hell on Earth