The world has changed. Axel Rudi Pell hasn’t. For three decades, the Bochum-based guitarist has ticked and worked like a Swiss clock releasing critically acclaimed hard rocking albums consistently. Like his anniversary offering, for instance- a live document of his most recent tour. And it will come out on the same record company as his debut in 1989; his contract with legendary label SPV/Steamhammer having lasted longer than the average marriage these days. “SPV and I have grown together, we have witnessed highs and lows and we’ve managed to get through them all,” the fifty eight-year-old musician states with a smile. “Never change a winning team” is the secret of his success, and with the guitarist having sold more than one and a half million records so far, that secret seems to be in good working order. Pell also has a ridiculous amount of online streams: his songs have been streamed more than thirty seven and a half million times, figures he would never have dreamt of when he first started out.

XXX Anniversary Live, his thirtieth album release in as many years, will see the light of day on June 7th 2019. A milestone by all accounts and a stunning document of his most recent tour which he did not plan at all, but the recordings, from Bochum and Budapest among others, were so good that he felt he just couldn’t scrap them. They are a worthy follow-up to Magic Moments, his three hour anniversary show at the Bang Your Head festival in 2014, where he celebrated twenty five years as a solo artist. Pell is planning to bring out another studio effort in spring 2020. The Swiss clock from the Ruhr area is till ticking.

The Medieval Overture (Intro) 1:48
The Wild And The Young 4:41
Wildest Dreams 6:12
Fool Fool 5:10
Oceans Of Time 5:47
Only The Strong Will Survive 6:15
Mystica (incl. Drum Solo) 14:24
Long Live Rock 6:31

Game Of Sins / Tower Of Babylon (incl. Keyboard Solo) 16:07
The Line 9:12
Warrior 4:44
Edge Of The World (incl. Band Introduction) 6:53
Truth And Lies 2:29
Carousel 5:10
The Masquerade Ball / Casbah 8:24
Rock The Nation 6:37