Black Orchid marks the return of the band Black Widows, which made history in Portugal as the first all-female metal band in their country. While the Widows’ impact was already notable when it hit in the late nineties, this single shows an outstanding comeback with unshakable strength. Feeling like part of the resiliants who fight for Music and Art, the Black Widows entitled their new album Among the Brave Ones , and will release it on October 21st 2022. Inverse Records has embraced this great return of Black Widows, marked by a sound worthy only of the brave ones.

You can watch Black Orchid lyric video below!

Vocalist Rute Fevereiro comments: “I’m so thrilled about the Black Orchid single. We overcame the storms of the past years, and this song tells it all. The verse “for nobody learns from scaping fears” sums it up. My experience of the past years, returning with this band with new amazing musicians is the given prove of that resilience. I believe that this is the best comeback I could have with Black Widows and am so excited to present you all with this powerful song.”

Black Widows – Among The Brave Ones Tracklisting:
Black Orchid
Among The Brave Ones
Philosophy Of Fools
Electrify Me
I’m A Monster
Dead Heaven’s Vibe
Forgive To Forget
Eden Denied