I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, and have come to the conclusion that the word you see above is the only reaction any sane, metal-loving human could come up with having been confronted with Bulletbelt‘s new full-lengther, Burn It Up.

Because, in simple terms, that’s the word/sound that will be banging on and on, on repeat, for the duration of the album in the back of your mind. Sure, the album’s got a few faults, and causes the odd quibble or two – for instance, it’s almost too varied for it’s own good, covering an awful lot of ground stylistically in it’s eight-track lifespan – but, when all is said and done. it’s hard to imagine anybody in Bulletbelt’s field coming up with anything better over what’s left of 2023…

These blokes have been around a while now, but they’ve never kicked up quite as fierce a sonic firestorm as this before. A fair proportion of the responsibility for this must go to new vocalist Diego Attinger, who’s prodigious pipes handle everything thrown at them by the band, in the process possibly – probably – considerably broadening the outfit’s appeal. His performance on single Arminius –  a track that’ll be giving Amon Amarth a serious kick up the rear-end once it gets heard up at Kamp Hegg – is an absolute tour de force, but this isn’t a one-man show by any means. Tim Mekalick‘s bass is central to all the good things to be found too; possessed of a Kilmister-styled, cement mixer churn of a sound, his contributions give an almost danceable feel to Arminius that is almost gothic in sound yet totally metal in attitude. It’s a great combination and one which gives the band a little kick on ahead of the opposition in terms of style and dynamic.

As noted, the band cover all the bases here and that does lead to some tracks butting up against others a little uncomfortably in terms of style; however, as people keep telling me, nobody listens to albums all the way through any more so this probably isn’t the problem I think it is. And, taking each song on it’s own merits, you’d have to say that there really aren’t any weak spots to be found on BIU.

So, with that observation in mind, I’m going to stop singling out individual tracks now and leave you with this little piece of advice – Burn It Up comes out on September 22nd; Start saving now, and buy it the very minute it becomes available in your local record n’tape emporium…

As the man said, Burn It Up releases on September 22nd.