Gary Moat – the man at the back is now at the front! The former Heavy Pettin‘ drummer is now the driving force of Burnt Out Wreck and very much in control of the fire that’s burning.

Gary has just signed to The Right Honourable Recording Company Ltd through Cherry Red, the paper is inked and the music flowing. He has also signed to Eddie Levy at The Chelsea Publishing Company Ltd. TRHRC, Martin Darvill, Daniel Earnshaw and Gary are very excited at the signing and look forward to the album’s release in February 2017.

The remaining members for BOW are now being finalised, the band as it stands now is Gary Moat on vocals and Adrian Dunn on lead guitars.

The new album is co-produced by Gary Moat and Steve Rispin (Asia, Inglorious) at his Liscombe Park Studio, mastered by Pete Maher (U2, The Killers, Jack White, Rolling Stones etc) and is set for a February 2017 release.

This new album is going to be a storming slice of classic hard rock and is guaranteed to start 2017 in some serious rock ‘n’ roll style!

Armed with this exciting news – The simple mention of the words Heavy and Pettin’ puts Sentinel Daily‘s Gavin Strickmann into a hyperventilating swoon – we thought it might be an apt time to put Mr Moat through the ringer and subject him to our gruelling ‘My 2016’ grilling…

Hey Gary – and congrats on the exciting new deal! We’ll allow you to talk further on this later, but for now, can you tell us what was the best album you heard this year? ” Inglorious“.

And what about old records – did any reissues catch your ear this year? “I bought them all the first time around, (laughs)!”

You’re right of course, I have at least four copies of all the Iron Maiden albums for instance. No more! What about the wider, non musical world of Gary Moat – what stands out for you about 2016? “Joining a gym, God I’m old!”

And what about the world in general? What’s have you learned about us as a planet in 2016? “The realisation that no one knows nothing about nothing. All these elected politicians the world over, useless. I’ll stick with rock ‘n’ roll mate!”

Very sensible option to take. As a great man once said, rock n’roll dreams always come through… How do you see the music scene at the moment? Lots of good new bands appearing ready to carry on the flame? “I don’t really listen to the newer younger bands unless they are making the right noises, you know like Airbourne, those guys rock big time. But yeah, I reckon there’s a growing demand for toe tapping, headbanging rock you can sing along to”.

Lets hope so! Does anything disappoint you about music today? “Anything with grunting as a vocal, what’s that all about?”

I love a bit of grunt myself, but it takes all sorts I guess! What musician doing your job has impressed you most this year? “Well if we’re talking singers then Nathan James from Inglorious“.

He did a great job on that album and from what I’ve seen on the interweb he’s not bad live either! Talking of not being bad live, what was the best gig you went to this year? ” Yes in Birmingham; I’m not into much prog but that was a great gig!”

That’s 2016 pretty much covered – How is 2017 shaping up? “Well the Burnt Out Wreck album will be out in February 2017,and we hope to be out playing in support of the album if anyone wants to hear us next year”.

I’m sure they will! Anyone you’d like to tip for global domination next year? “Burnt Out Wreck of course”.

Of course! But before that we’ve got the party season to get through – Christmas Eve or New Years eve – what do you pick for a party? ” Neither – they’re the worst two nights of the year, always ends in tears!”

Yes! My sentiments exactly! With that in mind I’m not going to ask you for a new year’s resolution, but what musical feat would you like to accomplish next year? “I’d like to see the Burnt Out Wreck album in the top 10 Rock charts!”

Good to see you so intensely focussed on one thing! Final question – anything else you’d like to say to the readers of Sentinel Daily? “So today I signed a new worldwide record contract with The Right Honourable Recording Company and a new worldwide publishing contract with Chelsea Music Publishing Company Ltd. I am very very excited and honoured to be working with them. The album is set for release in February 2017. Thanks for all your support and kind words, it was worth the wait……It is a crazy experience to be doing this again but I am loving it! Check us out, spread the word, stay safe Rockers!”

Thanks for taking part, and the very best of British with it all!

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