Thick with their signature dual buzzsaw guitars, soaring vocals that have been compared with Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, and slamming rhythms that gel into the nineties-infused sound they’ve made into their own, Chester Doom’s Anxiety will appeal to fans of modern active rock as well as the classic rock anthems of the eighties, nineties and noughties…

“This is our first single since the release of our Masks EP in June,” says bassist Glenn Arseneau. “The music for this track has been kicking around for over a decade, but we could never find the right vocals for it. Once we hooked up with Josh Best in 2020, this was one of the first tracks he put his stamp on, and we’ve been dying to get it out into the world ever since”.

Chester Doom have received funding from FACTOR and Music Nova Scotia and have generated over fifty five thousand Spotify streams to date since January 2022. Their singles Monsoon, Bleed and Boxcutter received radio play across Canada, the USA, the UK, Mexico and Brazil.

Chester Doom were born from the rough edges and rocky coastlines of Atlantic Canada and raised on a steady diet of classic and modern rock. With a musical range spanning beautiful, introspective ballads to hard-hitting, face-melting sonic maelstroms, their broad rock and alternative influences combine to create something truly special.

Powerhouse vocalist/lyricist/tunesmith Josh Best is truly a force of nature — whether tugging at your heartstrings or roaring like a category five hurricane, he is sure to leave more than a few jaws on the floor.

Backed by riff-factory rhythm guitarist/composer Patrick Blackie, lead guitarist Kellan Menhennett, keyboardist Dave Mackenzie and a rhythm section comprised of brothers Glenn Arseneau (bass) and Peter Arseneau (drums), Chester Doom are here to rock.