Spain’s new melodic metal sensation Coffeinne have reached an agreement with Fighter Records for the international release of their acclaimed debut album Circle of Time, which was released domestically during the last days of 2016.

This new, international version of Circle of Time contains new and revamped cover artwork as well one bonus track. Coffeinne hails from Madrid, although their vocalist Iñaki Lazcano comes from Bilbao and is known for his superb work with famed hard rock band Airless.

The style of Coffeinne is a highly catchy, powerful, melodic and fresh brand of metal, influenced by many and different melodic metal bands, mostly European, but with different styles from classic power metal to modern Scandinavian melodic death metal. Lovers of bands like Mercenary, Masterplan, In Flames, Anubis Gate and Dark Tranquility will adore Coffeinne!

Coffeinne Band

Circle of Time Tracklist:
Fallen Angel
Take This Life
Life in a Showcase
Save Me
No Escape
The Hate Within
Circle of Time
Life in a Showcase (Orchestral) [Bonus]

The international release date for Circle of Time will be June 15th through Fighter Records