Coffin Storm‘s debut album, Arcana Rising has emerged as a potent hymn to the enduring power of heavy metal crafted by a trio of seasoned veterans from Norway’s metal scene.

Comprising Apollyon (Aura Noir/Lamented Souls), Bestial Tormentor (Infernö/Lamented Souls), and the iconic Fenriz of Darkthrone on vocal duties, Coffin Storm delivers a captivating blend of classic heavy metal, primal thrash, and doom, steeped in the rich legacy of their influences and hometown of Kolbotn.

Fenriz provides insight into the band’s origins, tracing back to their shared roots in Kolbotn, a region pulsating with metal culture. The chemistry between the members, cultivated over decades of musical collaboration, shines through in the album’s creation. With Fenriz’s distinctive vocal stylings leading the charge, reminiscent of his work in Darkthrone and Isengard, the album exudes a sense of raw energy and authenticity. This is as ‘back to the source’ as it gets…

The album kicks off with Over Frozen Moors, a track that immediately establishes Coffin Storm’s sonic identity with its chunky riffs and anti-melodious refrains. Fenriz’s vocals soar over the intricate instrumentation, weaving a narrative that transports listeners to realms of icy desolation and ancient mysticism. Throughout the album’s six tracks, including the title track Arcana Rising and the epic Ceaseless Abandon, Coffin Storm explores themes of darkness, introspection, and the occult, evoking a sense of cold grandeur and foreboding. Just what you’d expect from the chemical wedding of Apollyon, Bestial Tormentor and Fenriz, in fact.

Drawing inspiration from metal luminaries such as Candlemass, Metallica, and even early Celtic Frost, while infusing elements of doom from bands like Paradise Lost and Cathedral, Arcana Rising traverses vast sonic landscapes with the finesse of a mammoth risen from centuries of ice-insulated slumber. The production, overseen by Apollyon, captures the essence of eighties underground metal, evoking a sense of nostalgia while remaining rooted in the modern age. Jack Control‘s mastering adds a layer of polish, ensuring that every riff, every drumbeat, reverberates with clarity and intensity.

Visually, the album is complemented by the evocative cover art courtesy of Maciej Kamuda, setting the tone for the mystical journey that awaits listeners. From the haunting imagery to the visceral lyrics, Arcana Rising invites audiences to immerse themselves in a world where darkness and light converge, where ancient secrets lie waiting to be uncovered via the intercession of shamanic, maelstromic metal…

In essence, Coffin Storm’s Arcana Rising is more than just an album—it’s a paean to the everlasting spirit of heavy metal and the similarly indomitable passion of its creators. With its captivating melodies, thunderous rhythms, and haunting vocals, it stands as a formidable addition to the pantheon of classic Norwegian metal. For fans of old-school metal and newcomers alike, Arcana Rising offers a thrilling sonic experience that resonates through the soul long after the final notes fade away.

Arcana Rising is out now.