Norwegian duo, Darkthrone, have returned to the fray with their first new studio material since 2013’s triumphant The Underground Resistance; the album becoming the band’s most successful release in recent years.

Darkthrone’s new album Arctic Thunder is due for release on October 14 through Peaceville/Rocket.

A new heavy metal odyssey now awaits fans as Fenriz and Nocturno Culto once more show their mastery of “the riff”, demonstrating why Darkthrone remain one of the most respected and enduring acts in the history of extreme metal.

An eclectic mix of free-spirited 80’s fuelled blackened heavy metal, all executed in Darkthrone’s trademark raw and organic style, Arctic Thunder was recorded & produced by the band themselves, with the sessions conducted at Darkthrone’s old rehearsal unit, “The Bomb Shelter”, which they had originally used during 1988-1990.

With themes based around hate, contempt, and the inner mind & soul, and with the notable presence of Nocturno Culto on vocal duties across all songs for the first time in recent years, Arctic Thunder retains a grim atmosphere throughout the album’s 8 tracks, with mastering once again handled by Jack Control at Enormous Door.

Arctic Thunder Tracklisting:
Tundra Leech
Burial Bliss
Boreal Fiends
Inbred Vermin
Arctic Thunder
Throw Me Through The Marshes
Deep Lake Trespass
The Wyoming Distance

Listen to Tundra Leech Here!