In the tumultuous landscape of thrash metal, where legends rise and fall like titans in battle, Dust Bolt stands as something of an indomitable force. For sixteen years, this band of childhood friends has forged a path of sonic destruction, and with their latest offering, Sound & Fury, they ascend to new – and, to be honest, at times unexpected – heights of metal glory.

Crafted amidst the isolation and uncertainty of pandemic lockdowns, Sound & Fury emerges as a testament to resilience and artistic evolution. This album, the first to feature bassist Tom Liebing alongside the formidable trio of Lenny Bruce, Florian Dehn, and Nico Remann, embodies a profound journey of introspection and reinvention.

Sound & Fury was created during the probably darkest and most difficult time for the band,” the band revealed. It’s a narrative of camaraderie, struggle, and inner turmoil—a reflection of their shared experiences distilled into a sonic odyssey.

While firmly rooted in thrash and old-school metal, Sound & Fury transcends genre boundaries with its vibrant diversity and captivating melodies. Produced and recorded by the enigmatic Bruce, and with an analogue mix by Moritz Enders, the album resonates with a raw authenticity that electrifies the soul.

From the relentless grooving assault of opener Leave Nothing Behind, through the funky aggression of I Am the One to the closing haunting introspection of Little Stone, each track on Sound & Fury exudes a ferocious energy and emotional intelligence that ignites the senses. Lenny Bruce’s impassioned vocals soar amidst pummeling grooves and spine-tingling dynamics, weaving a tapestry of sound that commands attention from start to finish.

With tracks like Disco Nnection showcasing an unexpected interest in breaking new ground, Dust Bolt proves they are unafraid to defy convention and chart their own course. Sound & Fury heralds the dawn of a new era for the band—as well as being a declaration of their unwavering commitment to the relentless pursuit of musical excellence.

In conclusion, Sound & Fury is an at-times spectacular showcase of the band’s indomitable spirit and boundless creativity. With its electrifying blend of aggression and melody, this album sees the band making a massive step up. Brace yourselves, for the storm has arrived, and Dust Bolt leads the charge into the fray.

Sound & Fury releases on February 23rd.