When Czech metal band Dymytry brought out their successful, first international studio album Revolt in the Autumn of 2021, asserting their claim to international fame, the release met with positive reactions from countless music magazines. This coup succeeded thanks to their signing of vocalist Alen Ljubić in combination with a cutting-edge mix of powerful modern metal, intelligent lyrics and impeccable craftsmanship. Dymytry’s success story, which has continued across the whole of Europe, has also included tours with Pantera, Lordi and Hämatom, among others, as well as a sold-out anniversary concert at Prague’s O2 Arena in November 2023 with an amazing thirteen thousand tickets sold.

Now, the five-piece has upped the ante: January 26, 2024 will see Dymytry release their forthcoming, once again an English-language album, entitled Five Angry Men, via AFM Records, supported by a first headlining tour outside the Czech Republic in January 2024 (find all tour dates listed below)!

One can be sure, at the latest with Revolt, the psy-core metal masters have proven that they are no longer one of the Czech best-kept metal secrets. Following a previously-released, first album single, Enemy List, last week, Dymytry  premiered a music video for their new single Everything Is Black – an extremely heavy and fast-paced track, that promises a lot of circle pits on the upcoming tour!

Dymytry lead vocalist, Alen “AL” Ljubić, states: “The whole metal community identifies with the colour black, so do we as a metal band. We share those emotions as we wander in the shadows. We wear black clothes daily, not only at funerals. This is our soundtrack for every “outcast” in this world. In black we are united.”

“Dymytry’s upcoming album, Five Angry Men, is not just a musical journey but a sonic manifesto,” Ljubic adds. “It’s our most diverse and best-sounding creation, bound to surprise our listeners. In a world gone mad, the title reflects the chaos we address – we might be the anti-heroes nobody asked for, but perhaps, everyone needs. Behind the masks, we’re known for being nice, yet with sarcasm and satire woven into our lyrics, we also channel the anger we all feel, a fury that fuels our music. Get ready for an experience that transcends boundaries and expectations. We know it will find its way to the listeners across the globe. It’s an invitation to our ever growing fan base, our beloved Angry Army.”

Five Angry Men was produced by Kristian Kohle (Powerwolf, Hämatom, among others) at Kohlekeller Studio, the artwork was designed by Steven Harrison, with Alen Ljubić contributing the booklet photos. As first single-releases prove, the album will see Dymytry unleash their heaviest, most harsh, insane, fast-paced, yet powerful and dynamic album to date, at the same time wrapping its social criticism in an atmospheric party flair the band is known and loved for.

Five Angry Men track listing:
Enemy List
Everything Is Black
Wake Me Up (Before We Die)
Legends Never Die (Cover-Track)
Three Steps To Hell
In Death We Trust
Dead Living Dead
The Revenant
Five Angry Men

24.11.2023 – CZR – Arena Prague (SOLD OUT)
26.01.2024 – DEU – Frankfurt – Nachtleben
01.03.2024 – DEU – Essen – Don’t Panic
02.03.2024 – DEU – Dresden – Beatpol
08.03.2024 – SUI – Pratten – Z7
09.03.2024 – DEU – München – Backstage
15.03.2024 – DEU – Leipzig – Hellraiser
22.03.2024 – DEU- Saarbrücken – Garage
23.03.2024 – DEU – Hamburg – Bahnhof Pauli