German symphonic metal newcomers Elvellon will release their debut album entitled Until Dawn on June 1st via Reaper Entertainment.

The band recently released a lyric video for the track The Puppeteer which you can watch below!

The band states:”We are really looking forward to peoples reaction to the new song which is very untypical for Elvellon. With the new lyric video to The Puppeteer we hopefully can fire you up! The song started with an basic riff idea that developed in its own way. In a very early stage it was already clear how this song will develop musically and thematically. The story the song tells is about suffering and the final descent of an human life that slowly passes away to an empty shell. This is how the symbol of the puppeteer enacts the remaining years of this poor soul as an show full of mockery and hopelessness. Eventually the puppet show ends only when the “puppeteer” decides to. The rhythm of the play is damned to fade away and only ends with finally cutting the strings.
Only one thing is left to say…”Enjoy the show!”

Until Dawn Tracklisting:

Silence From The Deep
The Puppeteer
Fallen Into A Dream
Of Winds And Sand
King Of Thieves
Until Dawn
Dead-End Alley
Shore To Aeon
Born From Hope

The amazing cover artwork was done by artist Dominus.

More about The band:
Elvellon are about to take the world by storm! Renowned German music magazines such as Orkus and Sonic Seducer took notice of the highly promising youngsters early on, while German Metal Hammer magazine even dubbed them “heroes of tomorrow”. Through their first online singles Oraculum (2013) and Born From Hope (2015) – which was accompanied by a masterfully crafted video clip by Mirko Witzki (Any Given Day, Caliban, Deadlock) that almost reached one million views on YouTube within the first year – the band proved that all premature praise had been well-deserved.

The 2015 release of their self-produced five-track EP Spellbound marked the first milestone of their career that sent critics from all over Europe into rapture. Live on stage, the synergy of Elvellon’s powerfully performed soundscapes and vocalist Nele‘s angelic voice always strikes home, too, with the result of a variety of celebrated festival gigs over the recent past, including a show at prestigious German M’era Luna Festival.