Ah, the amusing irony, the ravishing dichotomy, or something… Germany’s Emil Bulls, a new name to Sentinel Daily but already extant for nearly thirty years and a BIG name in their homeland, have a superb way of delivering the nastiest lyrics aboard super syrupy, ear-friendly melodies… On the best track here, the soaring Happy Birthday You Are Dead To Me, Christoph von Freydorf spits out the damning litany of hate over a swirling synth metal backdrop that’s guaranteed to lodge in your noggin for days and days.

Whirlwind of Doom is similarly effective, with a gratifyingly heavy opening propped up by tricky drumming from Fabian Füss and grinding, cement mixer bass from rhythm buddy Pascal Thiesen morphing into a rap metal chorus in the most natural way possible. It’s rooted in about 1997, true, but it’s damnably effective and the band churn their schtick out with such sheer aplomb that it’s hard to deny.

Stephan Karl and Andy Bock keep things simple in the six string department; not for them any searing heroics but, again, they do what they do with deathless precision and, when they mount a full scale riff assault you find yourself swept away by the controlled fury they deploy.

The title track is a sleek piece of radio rock that you’ll take or leave according to taste but you have to admire they classy way it’s put together whatever you actually feel about the content. It almost doesn’t need a chorus, such is the memorable way the song builds, but when the band finally commits it’s a pretty glorious final denouement.

Fans of Eurovision heroes Voyager might enjoy the stop-star staccato sting of the axes that punch away through Sick – you’ll know what I mean when you hear itbut in reality I don’t think this is staple fodder for most Sentinel Daily readers. If you don’t mind In Flames at their absolute softest this comes highly recommended, but listener beware otherwise. Me, I love it, but as our beloved editor keeps telling me, I’ve got weird tastes…

Love Will Fix It releases on January 12th.