Following the critically acclaimed latest album South of Heaven (2020), this week post-punk artist Fotocrime announced the release of his third full-length record, out on August 27th via Profound Lore.

Founded by Louisville, Kentucky based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Ryan Patterson, on his third studio album Heart of Crime, Patterson continues to explore what he refers to as “electric Southern romanticism.” Featuring eleven tracks of moody and electrifying post-punk with a healthy dose of industrial and EBM thrown in for good measure, Fotocrime’s brand new release is not only an album that throbs with pulsing synths, hammering drum machines, and economic guitar hooks, but is also a release that may be Fotocrime’s most personal offering to date.

“This is by far the most direct and personal thing I’ve ever done in that ninety nine per cent of everything on the recording is me,” Patterson says. “It’s the first album I’ve ever recorded and mixed myself.”, and you would never know that Heart of Crime is his first venture into engineering an album on his own! Where 2020’s South of Heaven found Patterson’s songs supplemented by Steve Albini-recorded live drums, a different approach was required for its follow-up. The worldwide pandemic broke out right as Patterson kicked off the South of Heaven tour cycle with a string of shows in Mexico. Consequently, Heart of Crime is the austere response to quarantine life.

On Heart of Crime, we hear the earnestness of the heartland fused with Patterson’s ties to the asceticism of the urban underground, like a post-punk Leonard Cohen. We’re also hearing an aspect of Fotocrime that’s a response and reaction to the times and available resources. It’s a record that yearns for a world outside our doors, that begs to be blasted on a massive PA in a seedy nightclub or a black-walled venue. It sounds steeped in isolation and reflection, but it reminds us of the communal experience of getting lost in a sea of people while the sound of a bass drum kicks our chests.

In support of the upcoming new album, Fotocrime just shared a brand new music video for the electrifying track Delicate Prey – watch the clip below!