It was with great sadness that we here at Sentinel Daily HQ heard today of the very untimely death of Brisbane-based metal photographer and all-round nice guy Greg Morgan.

SD editor Scott Adams remembers Morgan thusly: “Greg was a lovely man, always willing to go out an do a shoot for me whatever the size of the job. And though jewels in the photography crown such as Brisbane Soundwave were always his for the asking – he was easily one of the best photographers I’ve ever worked with – he was never pushy, demanding or expectant of the top jobs. Both as editor of Metal as Fuck and latterly Sentinel Daily he was a go-to snapper, and though he hadn’t been well for a while, he had mentioned to me of his intention to get back in to the photography game as his health allowed. His death has come as a nasty shock”.

Scott has gathered together some of the favourite shots that Morgan submitted to him over the years to be placed in this gallery, which he leave as a memorial to his memory. RIP.