New York harsh experimenter Gridfailure will release a new full-length titled Irritum in February, as the twisted project marks its two-year anniversary; the first of many new titles in its third year. The track It Feeds On Negative Energy can be heard below.

While contributions from a wide cast of talented collaborators are a major part of many Gridfailure releases, others are executed solely by creator David Brenner, which is the case on Irritum. A savage dose of Gridfailure’s effects-soaked powerdementia, Irritum attempts to manifest the dispirited tones and unwelcoming surroundings of the act’s debut, Ensuring The Bloodline Ends Here. The album swells with vicious enormity and unnerving creepout aura, Irritum‘s scathing noise-driven dirges, maniac vocal wrath, and off-kilter rhythms culminate and deliver an inexorable sense of dread and paranoia with thirteen new tracks, totalling more than fifty minutes of lunatic rage. Irritum was performed, recorded, and produced by Brenner, utilising an arsenal of instruments including guitars, bass, drums, keys, theremin, harmonica, and much more.

Irritum Track Listing:

Aspirations Of A Hammer Killer
It Feeds On Negative Energy
Exorcised From The Possession Of Hope
L’alteration Du Sang
Haze Of Traumatic Recurrence
Grid The Impaler
Electrocution Baptism

2017 saw the release of four Gridfailure albums/EPs (Hostile Alchemy, Scathed, I Shall Not Survive Another Winter and When The Lights Go Out, Vol. I), the Dendritic collaborative album with Megalophobe as wall as tracks on two compilations; Darker Days Ahead‘s Death Season VI, and‘s Razor Blades & Chocolate.

A new Gridfailure collaborative EP with Megalophobe is being completed for release in March; watch for details on that to be released shortly. Other titles in the works for release in 2018 are collaborative releases with Walking Bombs, Fyrhtu, Pornohelmut, and others, as well as a wide array of Gridfailure albums.