Lyon-based sensational progressive pop/rock ensemble Hearscape proudly unveiled their provocative music video for the emotionally charged track, Promised Me, taken from their acclaimed album Transient, available via Epictronic.

Promised Me isn’t just a song; it’s a journey through the complexities of a toxic relationship. The lyrics delve deep into the raw emotions and scars that anyone who’s been through such an ordeal can relate to. This track becomes an emotional outlet for those who’ve experienced the tumultuous ride of love gone wrong.

The music video for Promised Me is a true collaborative gem. Crafted by a team of enthusiastic first-year students from a filmmaking school, it encapsulates the vibrant energy of young talent stepping into the spotlight. From directing to filming, every aspect of the video exudes the creative passion of these emerging artists.

At the heart of Hearscape’s unique sound lies its distinctive blend of influences. Drawing inspiration from titans of progressive pop/rock like Archive, Radiohead, and Muse, the band adds their signature touch with electro-infused keyboard melodies, entrancing piano motifs, soul-stirring lead guitar, and a steady drum foundation. Hearscape’s sonic creations create a sonic universe that gracefully merges dynamism with dreamy vibes.

Hearscape is:
Léa Berthoux – lead vocal, keyboards
Félix Anton – guitar, backing vocals
Tristan Velardo – guitar, backing vocals
Clément Petit-Pierre – bass guitar
Julien Giet – drums