Argentina’s Helker will release their new album, Firesoul, on May 5th 2017 through AFM Records

It’s easy to be impressed by the band built around charismatic vocalist Diego Valdez; their straight-forward and pure power metal is of extraordinary quality. And the South American band, thanks to their keen sense of melody, also appeals to fans of hard and melodic rock a lot, too.

Formed 1998 in Buenos Aires, Argentina by guitar player Mariano Ríos and bassist Christian Abarca, the current Helker line-up features guitar player Leo Aristu, drummer Hernán Coronel and one of the today’s finest metal singers – Diego Valdez.

Helker is widely considered as the leading South American heavy metal band to emerge from Argentina. Since their inception Helker has released three highly respected albums in their native language, Legado Secreto in 2001, Resistir in 2008 and A.D.N. in 2010; these albums helped a lot to build up a loyal fan-base, not only among Argentina’s metal fans.

Since their beginning, Helker was one of the most active live bands in South America and has toured with Primal Fear, HammerFall, Stratovarius, Gamma Ray, Shaman, Sinner, Masterplan and many more across the continent.

When Helker played with Primal Fear in Buenos Aires, PF mastermind Mat Sinner was so amazed by the band, that he produced their first album in English language Somewhere In The Circle, which was released 2013 via AFM Records.

Firesoul will also be released in a Spanish version Alma de fuego (which will be available as a digital release only) on May 5th too.

The album was mixed and mastered by Achim Köhler (Amon Amarth, Sodom, Primal Fear, Brainstorm) at Indiscreet Audio, and, of course, produced by Mat Sinner.