Germany’s Hunter made a few waves in Euro metal circles in the mid eighties without ever really threatening to move any mountains. But, such is the way of the world and the thirst for old school integrity, they are back in 2024 for another tilt at the crown. Rock ‘N’ Roll V.I.P., their comeback album, is a welcome blast of old fashioned headbanging fun n’games, for sure, but once again those mountains over there are looking pretty immobile…

Still, that’s probably not the intention now for original members Paul B. Hermann (drums), guitarist Steven Brandy and vocalist Rusty Wayman – better just to celebrate the good times and blow away a few modern day cobwebs, right?

Hellyeah! And, in those terms, R’N’NVIP is a qualified success. Slip it on to your delivery system of choice and, if names like Saxon and Krokus got you hot under the collar in 1984, then good times are pretty much guaranteed. If not… turn back now.

Hard To Survive has that hard n’heavy Teutonic edge so beloved of bands like Sinner back in the day, Whilst the blues metal of Runaway Ramp will have you raising a glass of your favoured brew speakerwards as soon as Brandy’s classy leadwork booms out of the speakers.

Who Needs The Devil (When Your’e Already In Hell) has an Aussie edge to it’s hard rockin’ jollies  – Thorsten Bongardt‘s throbbing bass on this basically has corks hanging from it on strings – and the band have even thrown in that most eighties artefact – the sport team anthem – in the shape of The Eagles Fly High, a rousing paean to Brandy’s beloved Adler Mannheim Ice Hockey Team.

By any modern metric this isn’t very heavy, but it’s fun to remember a time when this sort of music was indeed celebrated as being heavy metal to the core. Hunter have got their schtick down to a tee, and I for one will be sharing some happy memories with this records soundtracking my rambling for a little while to come. Great stuff!

Rock ‘N’ Roll VIP releases on May 10th.