You are well known of course for death metal bands like Cryptal Darkness, and for your ‘day job’ in The Eternal, and the death metal elements that run throughout that outfit’s music – what prompted the move back to a project that puts death to the forefront of the sound in a more straightforward manner? “It was 2019 and myself and guitarist Richie Poate (Also from The Eternal/ Dreadnaught) were feeling somewhat nostalgic, we had already demoed quite a bit of what is to be the next The Eternal album, but we wanted to break away for a few months. Making The Eternal albums is a rather long and complex process and we tend to build these massive productions. The idea with Nefariym was to head back to our early twenties and do something a little more stripped back and raw. I was listening to a lot of early Celtic Frost and some of the early nineties death metal and just felt inspired to do the almost opposite of what we do in The Eternal. The Rules were all the tracks had to be simple and raw, everything had to lack melody and be more about dissonance and aggression. The minute anything got too complex or melodic it was thrown to the side. We also wanted to do an album in a couple of months, not a couple of years. Creatively it was very fun to make and we are really happy with how brutal the result is”.

Who else joins you in Nefariym ? “It is myself and Richie Poate who is also in The Eternal with me, if anyone knows Richie he spent everyday of his life in a Death T-Shirt, i’m pretty sure he had one for everyday of the week. As he did all the shred on the album I think he may have snuck in a bit of that influence. Of course we have our mysterious drummer Morbid who I believe lives in a cave and only comes out to show up and provide brutal blast beats if you leave some raw meat on the bench at the studio. An enigma of sorts”.

The new album is called Morbid Delusions – tell us a bit about the title and it’s meaning. “I was listening to far too much Celtic Frost and Morbid Angel – and if your first release doesn’t have the word Morbid in the Title I find that hard to accept. So in short I just wanted to use the word morbid and set a brutal dark mood for the whole forty five minutes of mayhem”.

And now to the album itself – tell us a little bit about each of the tracks:

Veiled In Death:
“It’s a spooky intro with a whole bunch of hell noise vibes going for it, a dark intro to lull you into a false sense of security as to what is coming next…

“Succubus blasts right from the get go but also has lots of the early nineties groove death metal has. Obviously about that nasty creature called a Succubus which is known to tear means souls apart at night… It’s the next single from the album, out on 7th July”.

A Morbid Delusion:
“Our first single that you can hear right now. Once again this one is very straight to the point. All in your face till then end crushing slow riff which in my mind is a hats off to some of my favourite slow Napalm Death riffs. It’s about organised religion and the shit that goes on behind closed doors”.

Tearing The Flesh From The Bone:
“Its all in the title really, a straight up tribute to good old gore and blood lust. This is a super groovy chug that is simple and sludgy with a killer solo by Poate”.

Wallow In The Filth:
“This is the politically-inspired track. Fast, groovy, simple… wallow in the filth you pigs…”

Monolithic Dread:
“This was the first one written, a mid paced sludgy groove; Vocally I was summoning a bit of Gorefest and Napalm Death”.

Humanity Falls:
“This is pure sludge, dragging you through the dirt on your hands and knees where you are bludgeoned by the weight of humanity on your shoulders”.

Endless Decay:
“This has a far more thrashy edge to it, probably a bit of a Celtic Frost thing. Lyrically, it’s full of gore and predicts the eradication of the human race… obliteration… a mass extinction”.

The Seeds Of Hate:
“Three minutes of straight up blast beats and face pounding death metal… hacking, slashing, blood, gore, death… nothing more needs to be said”.

Into The Blackened Abyss:
“I love my slow shit and this is another down tempo, atonal stomach turner. Simple, dragging riffs and the chorus is straight from the bowels of hell”.

Circle Of The Tyrants: 
“Clearly a tribute to Celtic Frost and those unique riffs that Tom G Warrior creates that influenced us very much in Nefariym. I could not think of a better tribute for us to end this album with… Grotesque Glory!”

I’m unable to hear the words ‘Celtic Frost’ without thinking of the time I was sat in a pub in Soho in London opposite Tom Warrior. Malcolm Dome, the Kerrang! journalist, greeted us both with pints before saying to Tom ‘are you Morbid?’ in as conversational style as possible. You possibly had to be there but it still makes me smile…

You promise ‘death metal fast and straight to the point’ – what would your five greatest fast and straight to the point death metal albums of all time be?

“I can tell you what influenced me when I was riffing… some of this is obviously not death metal …
Celtic Frost – Into Mega Therion
Morbid Angel – Blessed Are The Sick
Napalm Death – Harmony Corruption
Gorefest – Mindloss
Renegade Total Armageddon“.

Will you be looking to tour in support of the album when the time comes? “I guess we will see what happens, we are an unknown band with its first release and I’m currently sitting in a lock down in Melbourne… my hope for touring this anytime soon is grim (well it should be grim anyway). But we love the album and would love the chance to play it live in Europe or something sometime, who knows”.

Anything else you’d like to tell the readers of Sentinel Daily? “Yes! I’m sure all the links will be here, but our first single A Morbid Delusion is our now. Our second single Succubus will be out July 7th. And you can pre-order the album on CD through Inverse Records. Morbid Delusions will be out 24th September 2021! Stay Brutal!”