Joyous. It’s the only word that fully encapsulate’s La Chinga‘s fourth full length, Primal Forces. It’s the only word that comes close to explaining how you’ll be feeling when you hear the band rattling through your new fave album for the first time. It’s the only word that will flick across your consciousness when you sit back and try and make sense of what you’ve just heard.

Here at Sentinel Daily we loved the band’s last album, Beyond the Sky. And you, our readers, loved it so much it spent four weeks at the top of our Top Thirty Album Chart around the time of it’s release back in 2018. But that’s all in the past and, despite the band’s muse being definitively rooted in the misty recesses of that epoch, we must look forward. We must think about the new album. We must wallow in it’s whiles, and soak up it’s undoubted appeal. We must live in the now for this spectacular piece of rock n’roll.

Have a listen to the magnificent, tight-but-loose grandeur of Stars Fall From the Sky for starters; If this song doesn’t immediately make you feel better than you did just seconds before you put it on, then there’s a good chance medical intervention may be required because I fear you may be already dead. If it’s low-slung, delirium-inducing joyousness doesn’t hit you straight amidships in the pleasure receptors then I honestly think you may be readers the wrong web-based heavy metal magazine. Because music like this  is what we’re all about at SD…

Electric Eliminator is a monstrous, guitar-heavy piece of seventies-inspired riff warfare, Backs To The Wall a heads-down, oil-caked anthem for the ages. And whilst this is a band that wears it’s influences proudly on it’s sleeve, from Zeppelin and Deep Purple through Priest to Savatage, it’s not a band that deals in tribute band nonsense. This is pure, from-the-heart mayhem we’re dealing with here, mayhem of the very best kind. Reviewing music as elemental as Rings of Power is essentially pointless – it’s how the groove grabs you and bends it to it’s will that really matters.

And this is an album that matters a great deal indeed.

Primal Forces is out now