Since its inception in 1981, Loudness have led the Japanese heavy metal scene and embarked on global domination with their 1985 album Thunder In The East and it’s successor, released a year later,  Lightning Strikes.

The band has been fanatically acclaimed worldwide over the course of a career now deep into it’s fourth decade! Now, Rise To Glory, the first Loudness album in four years since 2014’s The Sun Will Rise Again will be released on 26th January 2018 worldwide and for the first time on earMUSIC.

The album is packed with aggression, melody and positive vibes. Vocalist Minoru Niihara says: “The album cheers you up, makes you feel fresh.”

From the rock maelstrom of Massive Tornado to the young, burning passion of Soul On Fire, the life-glorifying I’m Still Alive, and the declaration of metal warfare of Rise To Glory,
all the tracks on the album serve as supporter songs for the age of turmoil.

The guitar wizardry of Akira Takasaki, hailed around the world as one of the true guitar Gods, is featured throughout the album. He admits: “I played lots of guitars, more than any other albums this century. There was soul in the sounds” – his performance would surprise even the most ardent of the fans. Together with the guitar solos on each song, there is amazing playing on the instrumental track, leaning towards the progressive side of the band.

Along with the hurtling speed tunes such as Massive Tornado, No Limit and Rise To Glory, the variety of songwriting takes the listener ON an amazing journey. Rain has A melancholic mood, Until I See The Light focuses on the melodic side of the band, and Let’s All Rock has a heated call-and-response with the audience to recreate their live performance.

Akira Takasaki – Guitar
Minoru Niihara – Vocals
Masayoshi Yamashita – Bass
Masayuki Suzuki – Drums