Marilyn Manson has confirmed October 6 as the release  date for new album Heaven Upside Down. New single We Know Where You Fucking Live trolls the dark frenetic territory that made Manson a God-like figure to so many. The ten tracks on Heaven Upside Down were recorded in Los Angeles and create a cinematic sonic palate that harkens back to the ferocity of seminal Manson albums Portrait of an American Family and Holy Wood. On the new album, he reunites with producer and film composer Tyler Bates following an epic collaboration on Manson’s critically acclaimed 2015 release The Pale Emperor.

Themes of violence, sex, politics and romance slice through Heaven Upside Down. Manson asks his fans to brutally pledge their devotion on KILL4ME and delves into new genres with a trap beat on the track SAY10 as he proclaims “I’m a legend, I’m not a fable.”

Manson’s sensationalist music and art that rejects conservative values created an icon who has infiltrated fashion, television, film and music, and whose fingerprints coat modern culture. 20 years into his career, Manson is still a lightning rod of controversy and the pageantry and debauchery of his life are perfectly intact.

On September 27, Marilyn Manson will kick off a US, UK and European tour.

Have a listen to We Know Where You Fucking Live below!

Heaven Upside Down Tracklist:
Revelation #12
Tattooed In Reverse
Blood Honey
Heaven Upside Down
Threats of Romance