Welcome back to Sentinel Daily, and the next in our latest round of Metal Origins chats! This time we’re having a chat with drummer Koffe K Klintberg of sleazy Swedish up and comers Lipz!

Without further ado, let’s get amongst the question… Iron Maiden, Metallica and Slipknot are often referenced these days as ‘gateway’ metal bands, but who would you say yours was, and what album or songs really got your knees trembling initially? “When I was five years old I heard Kiss for the first time ever. The song was I Love it Loud and it blew my mind completely”.

And was it Was it ‘love at first hear’ for you and heavy metal from that point? Or did it take a while to insinuate itself into your very being? “It absolutely was love at first hear!”

Were you considered odd amongst your peer group for liking metal or were you part of a group all starting your musical journey at the same time? “Yeah, people around me thought I were a weirdo because I was such a huge Kiss fan”.

How easy was it for you to find out about metal where you lived? I’m old, and English, so for me there was Kerrang! Magazine and one national radio show a week – Was it similar for you? “It was always easy for me and my brother (and Lipz vocalist/guitarist) Alex. Our dad played guitar in a hard rock band, so he presented hard rock/metal to us really early in our lives”.

Yes, I can see how having a Dad in a band might be a useful way in to the wonderful world of metal! And how long after first falling in love did it take you to get to a live show? Local bands count, especially if you can remember a bit about the show! “I saw the Kiss reunion tour 1996 at Globen in Stockholm. I still remember that show clearly even though I was just six years old. When they entered the stage it was like I saw the real gods!”

I saw that tour at Wembley Arena in London. It was certainly a show for the ages… Was there anything you listened to back then that you now look back on say ‘what was I thinking?’ “No I actually still like everything what I listened back then”.

Would the young headbanger version of you be surprised to find out that you ended up in a rather splendid band of your own? Did you immediately want to make the transition from listener to practitioner or did that take a little while? “Haha not at all, I always wanted to play drums in a band like Lipz. That has been a dream for me my whole life. And the theatrical clothes and makeup was also something I knew I wanted to do. When I was a kid I often dressed up in leather clothes, wore makeup and put on my favourite songs and performed to everyone who was willing to watch! Played air guitar and drums, you know the whole show”(laughs).

Part of the attraction of rock n’roll, particularly in pre-internet days, was the mystique that surrounded bands and their ‘lifestyles’ Do you think that mystique is gone in 2024? And if so, is that a good thing? “I actually think it’s a little bit sad, it feels like the mystique around bands and artists has disappeared. Information is so easy to get these days. Sometimes I hope it could come back!”

Can you name five albums that have stayed with you ever since those formative years? “Kiss – Creatures of the Night, The Last Command by W.A.S.P., Marilyn Manson‘s Holy Wood, Cradle of FilthBitter Suites To Succubi and Backyard BabiesMaking Enemies Is Good“.

A good list. Some real bangers there! And now here’s your chance to tell us a bit about your upcoming new album Changing The Melody – what will readers of Sentinel Daily love about it? “Changing The Melody is a really strong album full of catchy songs. We really put all our effort to it and we hope that it will blow peoples minds! All the ten songs are really good and I’m sure you not will be disappointed! Enjoy and don’t forget to follow and subscribe to our channels”.

Thanks for taking part! “And thanks everyone for your love and support so far”.

Lipz’ new album, Changing The Melody, will be unleashed on March 15th!