Hello and welcome to Sentinel Daily – To begin, please introduce yourself and tell us your role within Metalite… “Hi! My name is Edwin Premberg and I´m one of the guitarists and also the founder of the band. I write all the music and the lyrics for the band”.

Good to talk! Right – into the questions – what was the best new album you picked up as a music fan this year? “Besides Biomechanicals you mean? (laughs)I have some favourites like Sabaton‘s The Great War, Extreme Power Metal by Dragonforce and Beast in BlackFrom Hell with Love“.

And what about old stuff or reissues – did you reignite your love for anyone in particular this year? “Oh yes, there´s still some old good music out there like the early Amaranthe albums, The Unguided and Seventh Wonder. They are really melodic and some of the songs still gives me goosebumps”.

Personal highlights now – what was your own personal musical high point of the year? “Of course it was when we released our second album Biomechanicals. The whole thing of first releasing three singles before the album, hearing the fans reactions and just going with the release flow. It’s a fantastic feeling!”

And which other musician or band personally lit up the sky for you in 2019? And why? “I started to look for a good new singer for Metalite and I found Erica (Ohlsson) who wanted to join us , I must say that she really lit up the sky for me and the band!

And for the fans too I suspect! She really feels like the missing piece of the jigsaw for you! The other side of the coin now – what disappointed you musically this year? “I don’t really have any disappointments but I am really looking forward some good artists and new albums next year”.

Talking about next year – what does 2020 hold in store for you and the band? “We are going to have a great release party the 23rd of November in Stockholm. Then we have a mini tour in the UK in the end of March. It will be a blast! Then later on we are looking forward to playing at Sabaton Open Air festival at the end of August”.

Good times ahead! We’re approaching the party season – what’s best for you Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve? And what’s your poison? “I really like to spend my time with family and friends during the holiday season. We have a big family and a lot of friends so I think it´s going to be a hectic season but it´s really fun! My poison must be all the good food that’s going to be served (more laughter)! The Christmas foods in Sweden are my favourite food”.

After the food there has to be a few tunes – You’ve been given the task of curating the music at your fave party – what five tracks is no Christmas party complete without? “Oh my god, there’s a lot of good Christmas party music! Most of them are Swedish and kind of crazy! But sure there is a lot of classic Christmas themes like Wham‘s Last Christmas, Bruce Springsteen‘s version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Christmas in Hollis by RUN-DMC… And even some new ones like SiaSanta’s Coming For Us“.

And finally – anything else you’d like the readers of Sentinel Daily to be aware of? If you’ve got something to sell – sell it here! “We just wanna say thanks to all of the fans that have bought our new album. And also the fantastic positive comments on social media. We´re really looking forward to getting out and playing and meeting all these fantastic fans! Keep an eye on our Facebook page to see when we are coming to your town. Thank you and merry Christmas!”

Thanks for taking part!