On May, 5th 2018 German metallers Mission in Black will release their debut album, entitled Anthems Of A Dying Breed.

Ahead of that, they’ve released a new video for a track from the album, Welcome to the Apocalypse, which you can watch below!

Taking three musicians from Spellbound, one more from Mystic Prophecy and combining this lineup with with ear-piercing female vocals, you have the perfect thrash cocktail for 2018!

After founding in 2010, the first demo Black Infect and various shows with Brainstorm, Mystic Prophecy and Ligea, family and professional changes only made it possible to finally sign the long-overdue recording contract with El Puerto Records last year. The debut album will be released on May 4th worldwide. For the recording at Stage One studio, which was produced by Andy Classen, Mission in Black found itself with the following cast:

Becky Gaber – vocals
Daniel Tschoepe – guitars
Andy “Black” Flache – drums
Martin Grimm – guitars
Hannes Jäger – bass

The result is a baker’s dozen of songs full of energy that combine traditional metal riffs with modern grooves. Brutal growls merge with sublime vocals and make the songs a real listening experience. “There was no master plan to direct the songwriting from the beginning in a particular direction, but it was and is more important for us to act ‘out of the belly’ and still be ‘head’ in terms of a certain claim to ourselves and not to neglect the musical level. ” explains drummer Andy “Black” Flache.

The album is a “mixture of brutality and uncompromising heaviness on the one hand and the hookline and melody on the other”.

Anthems Of A Dying Breed breaks the sound barrier like an express train: It’s female-fronted thrash metal at its best!

Anthems Of A Dying Breed Tracklisting:
Premonition Of Chaos
Welcome The Apocalypse
Cold Wings Of Vengeance
World On Fire
Judgement Day
Mission In Black
Oceans Of Blood
Into The Flames
Where Demons Sleep
God Forbidden
The Beast Within
First Comes The Blood