Originally out last month as a digital release, Peruvian vocalist Fátima Natthammer‘s eponymous outfit will this month release The Hammer of the Witch on vinyl too!

If you like stripped-down, balls-to-the-wall old school metal there’s a fair chance you’ll enjoy the likes of Steel Warriors, despite the album’s makeshift production values. This is honest, sincere as it comes stuff, and for the most part the sheer spirit of metal overcomes and technical difficulties you may encounter!

Natthammer herself is a powerful presence, belting out her lung-testing metal hymns with wild-eyed conviction and steely determination; Backed on stringed instruments by César Gonzáles Salaverry and drums by Javier Honorio, she wears her influences on her sleeve for sure – quite literally in the case of her Warlock tattoo – but that perceived lack of originality in no way dilutes the talent or commitment to the cause on display here. Her gut-busting delivery on Guardian of Light is a real highlight, and it’s perhaps on this track where all three band members shine brightest, taking a basic Accept-meets-Doro gallop and turning it into a strident, ripsnorting beast of a song.

The passion here is hard to deny, and after a few listens to The Hammer of the Witch it’s hard to argue with the potential on display; As the album closes in triumphant style on the excellent Visionary, you’ll be left hoping this band can snare some interest from a label to help them realise their metal dreams in the not-too-distant future!

The Hammer of the Witch is out now digitally, with a vinyl release to follow later this month.