Norwegian melodic metallers Nergard recently presented the second single from their highly anticipated album Eternal White. Currently available to pre-order and officially released on the 21st of May through Pride & Joy Music.

Carry Me is an epic, power ballad that showcases the dark, dramatic and melodic sound of the new album. Watch the video below!

“Carry Me actually began taking shape a long time ago; as the chorus was written back in 2014 during the sessions for the second Nergard album A Bit Closer To Heaven.” Band leader Andreas Nergård explains.

“I think the song reached its full potential the moment Stefani Keogh joined the band. She made this song shine the way it was meant to; with her theatrical, emotional way of singing and it really shows off her many qualities as a singer. And with regards to the video, it’s great to have a new face out there with the Nergard name. It’s not just me with some guests anymore, it’s a band, and I want the new and old fans to get to know every one of them.”

The upcoming album Eternal White is a concept album based on the story of The Carolean Death March of 1719 and features the well-known Tim “Ripper” Owens on guest vocals.

Vocalist Stefani Keogh also shares her thoughts on the single: “Around half way through the recording process, Andreas emailed me to say that one of the songs I would be recording would be a solo track. Not only was this incredibly exciting for me, but I felt so honoured, as a newcomer, to be trusted with an entire song! Of course there was then a little bit of fear as I thought ‘I hope I like it!!!’ Up til then, I had been blown away by everything Andreas had sent me so my hopes were high, and still somehow, this song managed to exceed all my expectations! It builds beautifully, and with so much passion that it felt effortless to record such emotional vocals. Ultimately the story we are telling with the Eternal White album is that of a tragedy; it’s heart breaking and I feel Carry Me really portrays the sorrow and desperation of what happened. “