The chilling winds of Norway carry whispers of a new force in the realm of black metal. Odio Deus, an infernal trio hailing from the frostbitten shores of Oslo, proudly announces their unholy alliance with WormHoleDeath for the release of their debut album, Spiritual Syphilis, slated to corrupt airwaves on June 7th, 2024.

Speaking of their deal with the Italian label, the band declares,” We’re grateful for the opportunity to become a part of the WormHoleDeath Records, and looking forward to sharing our music through this label. This will be our debut album. The album was meticulously crafted for approximately two years, evolving from a mere idea to a finished product. The central theme of the album is to unveil the inherent ‘evil’ embedded in organised religions, particularly those led by fanatical leaders. Musically, it presents a fusion of traditional Norwegian and Swedish black metal, heavily influenced by the American death metal scene. The creation of the music is a collaborative effort, with all three members working in unison from inception to completion.”

Odio Deus was started in 2020 in Oslo, Norway by Telal. After many years of several different black metal bands, Telal decided to start his own band, where he’s in control of the musical vision and lyrical concepts. The band’s goal is to make black metal with a strong death metal influence, using lyrical concepts that deal with the hypocrisy within organised religion and other relevant subject matters.

Odio Deus is:
Telal – Drums, Lyrics, Bass
Braatebrann – Guitars, vocals, bass
Winterheart – Guitars