Greetings, people of Space Elevator! And congrats from all at Sentinel Daily on the release of your spiffing second album! Looking forward to getting back out on the road?

David Young (Guitars) “Can’t wait. In fact we just started a few days ago and it’s been great!”
The Duchess (Vocals) “Yes, can’t wait, it’s our natural habitat!”

That’s good to hear! You’re starting to get a few shows and festival appearances under the belt now – but can you remember much about your first ‘proper’? tour?

DY: The first time this band toured was in Germany. Each band member has toured with someone or other previously but the first Space Elevator tour was to Germany. All in the van along with the merch person and go. It was brilliant!”
TD “This is the first tour we’ve done on our own but a couple of years ago we did a joint headlining tour with Cats in Space – it was nice to nick some of their fans!”

Ah yes. Such a great lineup that was. One day we’ll see it in Australia! What are the key ingredients for a top-drawer Space Elevator show?

DY: “Well we are fairly flamboyant live, or more specifically, the Duchess is. Any band wants a receptive audience but that seems to make The Duchess in particular find another gear and her performances are stunning and she can be extremely funny and witty on mic. As long as we have a good sound too, that’s critical”.
TD “Catsuits, musicianship and showmanship, anthemic tunes, audience participation, and a few laughs along the way”…

Looking back, who did you both see live as a young headbangers that convinced you this was the life for you?

DY: “AC/DC were the first band I saw. Highway To Hell tour. I was hooked!”
TD: “Alice Cooper for his showmanship, Guns N’ Roses for their attitude, Megadeth for their hair care tips!”

I know what you mean, Duchess – Dave Mustaine’s hair was positively gravity-defying on it’s day! What advice would you give to young bands hitting the road for the first time – Or is the experience different for everyone and it’s just a case of jump in and damn the torpedoes?

DY: “You do need to just jump in , but being pragmatic is important and not getting stressed with everything from gear to the travel to being with the same people for a long time. Just stay cool!”
TD: “Don’t expect glamour, but expect to grow closer as a band. It’s brilliant to meet your fans. Always give one hundred per cent even if the audience is small – they’ve paid to see a show and it can be even more intimate”.

What’s the best thing about touring?

DY: “Playing and meeting people you didn’t know previously that are into the band. I also enjoy eating along the way!”
TD: “Meeting your fans and seeing them sing your songs back to you!”

And the worst?

DY: “Travel and loading and unloading gear. A bad bed can be grim too!”
TD “Being away from the ones you love”.

Aside from your tools of the trade, what other one item do you find essential for tour purposes?

DY: “Someone once said to me that you only need two things on the road… Something to make you poo and something to make you stop. It’s closer to the truth than you might think!”
TD: “Steam (shower, hot water etc) for the old vocal chords”.

Well, without becoming too scatalogical I feel you’ve uncovered one of touring’s eternal verities there, David. But best not to dwell I feel – what about a luxury – something you shouldn’t take but always seem to find in your kit once you’re on the road?

DY: “If overseas, Yorkshire tea. That may not be a luxury in the true sense but it bloody feels like it!”

Hmm, tea and chocolate… very rock n’roll! Here’s your one chance to spruik the ongoing tour to the readers of Sentinel Daily – what’s in store for them if they decide to come and say hello?

DY: “The band’s playing great, the new material has bedded in really well and the Duchess is on top form! Definitely come on down!”
TD “You’re gonna get a fantastic show, tunes you won’t be able to get out of your head, and you can meet us at the end of the gig for a cup of tea (we’re so rock n roll!) and a chat!”

Thanks for taking part!

Space Elevator’s tour continues tonight in High Wycombe, one of the lesser-known capitals of the rock world… but a bona fide rock n’roll town nonetheless!