A Black Dahlia Murder tour is always something to look forward to, and thanks to the excellent fellow at Soundworks Touring we’ve got one to look forward to now as they gear up to bring the band down for a five date run in May. A Black Dahlia Murder tour inevitably means some sort of interaction with metal-mad frontman Trevor Strnad, and why should we at Sentinel Daily be any different to anybody else in not wanting some of that? So here we are, the Sentinel and Trev, all ready to chew a bit of fat about life on the road with The Black Dahlia Murder. Chew on, Mr Strnad, chew on…

It’s been a little while since you toured Australia – are you looking forward to coming back? And what do you remember best about being here for that final year of Soundwave ?
“Yes! I love Australia! It’ll be good to be back and NOT a part of Soundwave. The first time was cool, but honestly, the second was fucking garbage. We had a slot RIGHT next to Amon Amarth, which would have been amazing for us, but we got shuffled around and had to play between Mushroomhead and Five Finger Death Punch, which was a horrible spot for us. The staff were a mess everyday, there were times they were so late getting our equipment to us that we had to borrow the local band’s gear. Can you imagine? I’ve never felt so neglected by a festival tour in my life.

My God. The neglect bit is bad enough – and absolutely inexcusable – but being sandwiched betwen Mushroomhead and F*** F***** D**** P****? No man should be put in that position. Next question: What do you look forward to most when touring outside of the US? “Eating strange and exotic food, meeting new people, and learning about new underground bands local to each area”.

The world is getting smaller now thanks to communications technology – do you find that metal crowds are becoming similar wherever you go or do headbangers still maintain national characteristics in each country? “Yes, I think overall, the crowds are similar no matter where we go. We ultimately want the same thing from every crowd: moshing, stage diving, singing along, crowd surfing. We thrive on these kinds of energetic interaction. I do find that you guys in OZ are more prone to have Tribalesque tattoos and eyebrow piercings that anywhere else. I guess its your wild at heart nature!”

What single item could you not do without on the road? “Heartburn medicine. I get frequent heartburn and it really sucks to deal with without something to extinguish the flames. Also, some anti-chafe balm so I don’t catch myself on fire from walking whilst fat!”

I hear you on both counts… what luxury item that you probably shouldn’t take always seems to find it’s way into your tour luggage? “A little fan in case things get hot. Nice for your bunk in buses, et cetera”.

Indeed. Talking of nice, What’s an item you’d like to see on a Black Dahlia Rider that never seems to actually be there? Any horror stories of tight fisted promoters making the band share an old ham sandwich and a bottle of water? “We used to have a rider with all of these art supplies on it. Crayons, markers, glue, construction paper, etc. We only got this stuff once, it was a surprise. I had completely forgotten about this until now… There was a time we only got a loaf of bread and a box of cereal. Our then tour manager Karim shredded the promoter into utter oblivion… it was a hoot”.

Haha I’m sure it was…What sort of set can we expect on this upcoming tour? “A damn long one covering all eras of the band. We usually play around an hour and fifteen minutes these days, that’s plenty of fast three minute Dahlia songs”.

Good to hear! Anything else you’d like the readers of Sentinel Daily to know? “I’m coming to OZ to snatch the pie right out of your hand!”

Look out Australia!

Perth Just Got a bigger and better show!

The Black Dahlia Murder tour Australia from May 9th to the 13th, stopping off in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. The show in Perth has just added in an innovative new dimension in diversity with the inclusion of some of Perth’s best stand up comedians & That Naughty Food Truck providing a feast of naughty food for a naughty and blast beating time. As part of Perth’s newest live music venue, Badlands boasts The Henhouse Live room, situated next to the main room & will house our newly added comedians who will maintain the energy for the
night between band sets. Soundworks head honcho, Brad Wesson, will throw on the MC shoes & gladly welcomes hecklers…all and sundry.

This is an exclusive for the Perth show only, so be sure to rise to the occasion & embrace a feast of head splitting metal, side splitting comedy & stomach filling fodder!