Once Human features former Machine Head guitarist and album producer, Logan Mader along with vocalist Lauren Hart, drummer Dillon Trollope, bassist Damien Rainaud and guitarists Skyler Howren and Max Karon.

Having made waves with their 2015 debut, The Life I Remember, the band have dramatically progressed beyond the melodic death metal sound of that release into something more complex, emotional, distinct, and devastatingly heavy. Evolution is not just the title of Once Human’s second release, it’s an armour-plated declaration.

With the intensity and range of Hart’s roar having drastically increased, she unleashes it across complex and constantly shifting time signatures, and thick, contorted riffs that land with sledgehammer force. However, this is not only about bludgeoning the listener into submission, the violence often juxtaposed with eerie atmospherics and dark melodies to create something with great depth.

Evolution Tracklist:
Flock Of Flesh
Eye Of Chaos
Mass Murder Frenzy
Dark Matter
Killers For The Cure