Thrash metal icons Onslaught celebrate their fortieth anniversary with a series of Vinyl re-prints and a special Anniversary Edition of their Sounds Of Violence album!

2022 is a special year for British thrash metal force Onslaught, one of the most influential and respected bands of their genre: The group led by Nige Rockett is celebrating its fortieth anniversary and is planning to do so in style.

This May, the band were inducted into the Metal Hall of Fame , being characterised as ‘one of the most ferocious, explosive and controversial metal bands ever to come out of the UK’.

On November 11th, Onslaught will re-issue their latest three studio albums Sounds Of Violence (2011), VI (2013) and 2020’s Generation Antichrist as red one hundred and eighty gram vinyl editions in gatefold sleeve. On the same day, the band will also release a special Anniversary Edition of their 2011 album Sounds Of Violence , which now comes as a two-CD digipak including a bonus CD.

The band states: “It’s great to see AFM re-releasing these albums to help celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the band. Some new Sounds of Violence artwork, new videos and bonus tracks too? …yea, this is fucking killer!”

Fans can look forward to these special releases and more surprises to come…

Sounds Of Violence (Anniversary Edition) Tracklisting:
Into The Abyss (Intro)
Born For War
The Sound Of Violence
Code Black
Rest In Pieces
End Of The Storm (Outro)

Bomber (Motörhead Cover)
Angels Of Death
Thermo Nuclear Devastation Of The Planet Earth
Rest In Pieces (Live)
The Sound Of Violence (Live)
Metal Forces (Live)
Burn (Live)
Bow Down To The Clowns (Live)