Seeking a pure rock n’ roll sound away from the electronic elements of their previous band, Army Of The Universe, vocalist Lord Kalidon and guitarist Davide Tavecchia have returned with Kult Of The Skull God. Armed with drummer Joey Amato they have energised their intangible attitude, fury and raw talent to save the world from mumble rappers, auto tuned pop stars and rock mediocrity.

Taking inspiration from the titans of rock including Danzig, The Rolling Stones and Black Sabbath they have combined slick heavy riffs with smooth yet haunting vocals that are perfectly demonstrated on the first track Black Magick, a song about which the band says: “Black Magick is about the mysterious and powerful power of feelings, which we cannot explain, but like magic, we can feel. The song has a Rolling Stones vibe with a modern twist.”

However, Kult Of The Skull God is no one trick pony where they expand their sound with the towering track Like Vultures In The Sky where the entire band is given their own moment to shine with its mesmerising harmonies and groove it’s bound to stay in your mind once it hits your ears.

Kult Of The Skull God has a sound that is perfect for any occasion, for the fighters, for the lovers, for the trailblazers, the misfits and the mavericks. It is time to join the Kult!

Interested? You should be! Head to your nearest online record emporium today and ask for a bit of Kult Of The Skull God’s new album, The Great Magini – it’s out today on Rockshots Records