Brazilian heavy metal act Rage In My Eyes are looking for photos of fans with André Matos to compose their new lyric video for the unreleased song I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye, written in honour of the late vocalist, who died on June 8th, 2019.

Having integrated with renowned bands such as Viper, Angra and Shaman, in addition to working on several other side projects and prosecuting a solo career, André Matos is an influence not only for heavy metal bands, but finds admirers throughout the universe of heavy music, due to his professionalism, technique and especially great charisma. In the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, the musician had conquered a legion of fans, inspiring several musicians, such as drummer Francis Cassol and guitarist Magnus Wichmann, from Rage In My Eyes. Both would start in the music scene from a young age, and thanks to the bands Viper and Angra, two great influences for the young gauchos, who helped to shape their personalities and who, with time, they tried to create striking songs in the same style with the bands Holy Fire, Scelerata and now RIME.

The idea of composing a song in honour of André Matos came from drummer Francis Cassol and guitarist Magnus Wichmann, as the drummer explained: “The music is unreleased, it was composed as a tribute to André. A few days after his death, without us, Magnus was composing music and I was writing lyrics. We are very much fans of him and we were very shaken by his premature death. And the lyrics are almost like a thank you. I talk about the importance of his work in my life, and we think the fans will identify themselves”.

To participate in the lyric video, just send the image (high quality photo or video) via email HERE: or send via message on the band page on Facebook. The lyric video for I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye will be released on June 8th, the date that completes a year of André Matos’s death.

On February 12th 2020, Rage In My Eyes unleashed their brand new official music video for Hole in the Shell, filmed on October 9th 2019 in Porto Alegre (Brazil) where the band joined Iron Maiden at Gremio Stadium.