Canadian cellist and composer Raphael Weinroth-Browne (The Visit, Musk Ox, Leprous) will release his debut solo album, Worlds Within, on January 24th, 2020.

Having been an integral creative force in groups such as The Visit, Musk Ox, and Kamancello, and having recorded and toured extensively with Norwegian progressive rock/metal band Leprous, this new solo effort sees Weinroth-Browne exploring his cellistic voice even further. Worlds Within takes full advantage of the possibilities of the instrument; all of the sounds on the album — melodies, harmonies, riffs, textures, and even percussion — were created on cello with amplification and effects pedals.

Worlds Within is a single composition divided into ten tracks which play out like movements in a classical variation set. The music itself, however, ranges from ethereal and atmospheric to aggressive and intense during the album’s forty-minute run time, combining elements reminiscent of contemporary classical minimalism, metal, post-rock, and even electronic music while retaining its own distinct sonic language. It is a cinematic sound painting that plays on the listener’s perception of time, evolving gradually and fluidly, but always in motion, much like the mesmerizing cover artwork by Heather Sita Black (The Visit).

Elaborates Weinroth-Browne of first single From Within;  “From Within is the second chapter or movement of the album. I’ve always felt this piece to be very evocative of nature, specifically the forest. The title From Within suggests an inner world, the world we carry inside ourselves and the place where nascent ideas and thoughts take seed and eventually grow to tower over us. The piece opens with three melodic phrases which seem to pose questions that are left unanswered. The repeating groove that follows is akin to the inexorable passing of time and the cycles of nature, while the solo line that emerges and eventually takes centre stage represents the more subjective viewpoint of a human being attempting to navigate life. The ascending and atmospheric arpeggios in the final section signify the dissolution of previously held beliefs and flight beyond the shelter of the forest in search of renewed purpose and deeper truths. This search is figuratively portrayed in the video by actor/dancer Heather Sita Black.”

Worlds Within – produced by Weinroth-Browne, recorded and mixed by Dean Watson, and mastered by Alan Douches – will be released on CD (standard and limited edition), vinyl, and digital formats on January 24th, 2020.