US band Replicant have carved a name for themselves in the underground with their unique take on death metal and pushing the envelope forward with each release, and this time around they seem to have hit the death metal ball out of the park. They’ve imbibed the best qualities of sub genres like technical death metal, dissonant death metal, brutal death metal and just made it irresistibly catchy and wicked. And the result of this is their new album, set for release through Transcending Obscurity Records on September 10th, Malignant Reality.

These unheralded death metal kings  return with an album that will send shock waves through the scene. They’ve honed their brand of technical, dissonant and groovy death metal and forged a sound that’s nigh unparalleled. They’ve distilled the best elements of them all into a sonically potent, visceral and frankly devastating album that’s perfect in nearly all aspects. This is the sound of the death metal of our times – it’s forward-thinking, suitably dissonant, effortlessly catchy, semi-technical and simply explosive in its execution. There are various twists and turns that keep things interesting and even unpredictable, without derailing its powerful momentum. It’s rare to come across an album that’s so well-rounded, impactful and one that leaves such a lasting impression. Replicant have not only completely surpassed expectations from people with their new one, but have set new standards for contemporary death metal with Malignant Reality

Line up:
Mike Gonçalves – Vocals, Bass, Guitars
Pete Lloyd – Guitars, High-frequency transmissions
James Applegate – Drums

Caverns of Insipid Reflection
Relinquish The Self
Excess Womb
Death Curse
Coerced To Be
Rabid Future
Chassis Of Deceit
Dressed In Violence
The Ubiquity Of Time