Just one year after their highly praised, self-titled debut album, described in these very pages by Sentinel Daily editor Scott Adams as being ‘lip-smackingly entertaining”, international hard rock outfit Sainted Sinners return with their second effort Back With A Vengeance.

Expressing the “pure essence of rock n’roll”, was the ambition that paired those four well-known and experienced musicians together in early 2016, to create and play the music which is deeply inside their hearts and in their blood. The love for rock legends, such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Rainbow, Whitesnake, UFO, Black Sabbath, Van Halen and many others, built the cornerstone for the music of the new founded quartet called Sainted Sinners.

Back With A Vengeance is another step forward, of a band that is going to establish their very own sound. Fronted by the unique, soul-driven voice of American born vocalist David Reece (ex-Accept) and highly gifted guitar player Frank Pané (Bonfire), Sainted Sinners got completed by the dynamic rhythm section of the two former Purpendicular members Malte Frederik Burkert (bass) and the Hungarian drum maestro Berci Hirleman.

“We were aiming for a more guitar heavy approach this time and also a warmer, more ballsy sound”, explains Frank Pané and continues: “This time we already knew where to go. You definitely can hear my huge Van Halen & Randy Rhoads influences more than on the previous one. But it also has that Deep Purple touch, even with less keyboards this time. In other songs you definitely hear a Rainbow and Dio influence….and it goes on and on. These influences are totally natural and are not planned. So we just go with the flow and that’s “the essence of rock n’roll” for us.”

The keyboards on Back With A Vengeance were handled by the two guest members Angel Vafeiadis and Los Angeles based Eric Ragno, who known for his contribution for Alice Cooper, Paul Stanley and Billy Gibbons.

“I’m really happy and satisfied with the end result“, summarizes Frank Pané. “Being a new band, it’s hard to be recognized nowadays with all the hundreds of releases every month, so we wanted to make a statement that Sainted Sinners is a band you should look out for.“

Back With A Vengeance should definitely be on your shopping list for 2018. It’s hard rock with balls, but also with heart and soul, a lot of energy, emotions… and simply – and this is what counts – brilliant songs!