Sarke’s eighth studio album, Endo Feight signifies yet another remarkable entry in the discography of this most pioneering Norwegian metal band. Once again, this album continues to build on the legacy Sarke has established over the years.

Endo Feight exemplifies the band’s ability to blend the lighter and harder elements of their music into a cohesive and compelling journey. The album’s lineup remains formidable with Nocturno Culto’s distinctive vocals at the heart of everything, Sarke handling both bass and drums, Steinar Gundersen on guitars and Anders Hunstad on keyboards. This ensemble, known for their work in bands like Darkthrone, Dimmu Borgir and Satyricon, brings a wealth of experience and a unique sound that has defined Sarke since their debut. Hunstad is perhaps the star of the show; Like a great sauce that brings a fabulous meal together, his contributions form the framework upon which the rest of the band hang their sonic tapestries, unifying the disparate strands to form an always-impressive finished article.

The album kicks off with Phantom Recluse, a track that immediately sets a dark and intense tone. The song’s haunting, off-kilter melodies and driving rhythms once again remind the listener of Sarke’s ability to create atmospheric yet powerful music. Death Construction follows, offering a relentless barrage of riffs and growls that fans of the heavier side of metal will appreciate. The spartan production values add to the feeling of unease the track creates – anything more ‘orchestral’ just wouldn’t work, and this song is easily up there with the best of Sarke’s canonical work.

The rock noir of Lost and Abyssal Echoes delve deeper into the band’s more atmospheric capabilities. These tracks showcase a dynamic range of emotions and musical styles, from somber introspection to explosive crescendos. The instrumentation is intricate, with Gundersen’s guitar work and Hunstad’s keyboards creating a rich, layered soundscape.

Old Town Sinner stands out with its ragged energy and aggressive tempos, a nod to the band’s roots in death rock. I Destroyed The Cosmos is another highlight, featuring complex arrangements and powerful lyrical themes that explore existential despair and cosmic destruction, resonating with the band’s dark, philosophical undertones.

In Total Allegiance and Macabre Embrace close the album on a high note. In Total Allegiance is a rallying cry, with Nocturno Culto’s imperious vocals leading the charge, while Macabre Embrace  offers a fittingly eerie and atmospheric conclusion, leaving the listener in a contemplative state.

Endo Feight is a fine tribute to Sarke’s continuing progression and evolution as a band. From their 2009 debut Vorunah to this latest release, Sarke has consistently pushed the boundaries of metal, incorporating elements of black metal, death rock, and progressive music to create a unique sound. This album, like its predecessors, benefits from the cohesive chemistry of its members, whoever they may be, each bringing their unique influences and skills to the table.

The production quality of Endo Feight is exceptional, capturing the raw intensity of the band’s performance while allowing the intricate details of their musicianship to shine through. Fans of Sarke and the broader metal community will find much to appreciate in this latest offering. It’s a dark, intense, and thoroughly engaging journey through the varied landscapes of metal, solidifying Sarke’s place as a formidable force in Norwegian metal.

Overall, Endo Feight is a powerful addition to Sarke’s impressive discography. It’s an album that not only pays homage to their roots but also explores new territories, showcasing their growth and versatility as a band. For fans old and new, this is an album that demands attention and respect, proving once again that Sarke is a band that continues to evolve and inspire in equal measure.

Endo Feight releases on June 21st.