Prepare to be blown away by the thunderous force of Satsuriku Robot as they reveal the lyric video for their electrifying anthem, No Thrash Metal, No Life! This blistering track is the title song from their highly anticipated debut album, set to be released on September 8th, 2023 via Wormholedeath.

Feel the raw power of thrash metal coursing through every riff and verse as Satsuriku Robot sets ablaze a fervent celebration of music’s timeless influence. No Thrash Metal, No Life! is more than just a song; it’s a heartfelt tribute to the indomitable spirit of thrash metal, bridging the past with the future. The band fearlessly declares their unwavering commitment to the genre that fuels their artistic journey, infusing their music with boundless inspiration and purpose.

The lyric video, expertly crafted by the talented team at Volume Agency, perfectly captures the essence of the band’s powerful message.

Satsuriku Robot is a ferocious Japanese thrash metal band formed in Tokyo, Japan, in September 2020. Led by vocalist Kenichi Hayashi, the band comprises talented musicians Hideaki Kaiho (guitar), Kazuya Okano (bass), and Yuuki Fujimoto (drums). After making their debut in 2022, they quickly gained recognition for their electrifying performances and unbridled passion for thrash metal. With the release of their debut album and their signing with Wormholedeath Label, the band is poised to conquer the global metal community and ignite the world with their fiery music.