Phenomenal Israeli band Scardust‘s fabulous video for the song Arrowhead is out now and is every bit as good as you’d expect from this magnificent band…

The band will be releasing new videos over the next few weeks and are also confirmed as support for Therion in Tel Aviv on 10th April.

Scardust are causing a stir wherever they go and have appeal which reaches across the board, from prog, metal, rockers through to mainstream music fans. Scardust combine some of the finest musicians in Israel with stunning live performances, theatrics & their incredible Choir of Mysterious Monks, who add serious depth to the songs. They really aren’t just a band, they’re a whole experience, once memorably described by Sentinel Daily‘s own Ferry Templeton as being like “High School Musical duking it out with Epica“!

Their incredible album Sands Of Time – from whence Arrowhead was plucked- was released last year and it’s available worldwide now.

Scardust is the leading progressive metal band in Israel, consisting of vocalist Noa Gruman, drummer Yoav Weinberg, guitarist Yadin Moyal, bassist Yanai Avnet, and keyboardist Itai Portugaly. Their album Sands of Time was released in 2017. The release was celebrated in an epic launch concert in Tel Aviv with a big choir and special guests in front of five hundred people. Not only was this concert their biggest headline show to date, it was a milestone for the Israeli rock and metal scene, proving that even local bands can draw hundreds of people to their concerts.

Scardust is the spearhead, both musically and commercially, in today’s Israeli metal scene, paving the way to the top for both themselves and other bands that follow their style and approach to music. Sands of Time  is considered as one of the most promising debut albums in the metal scene, and the band is now planning to tour Europe and other festival appearances.