UK punk legends Peter and the Test Tube Babies are back with their latest and greatest set of recordings – what’s it called? Fuctifano!

No, really – the album is called Fuctifano! Rude puns ahoy!

But we digress – Remember the seventies, and glam rock? Well it’s back, on the right track and in yer face. Peter and the Test Tube Babies share their love of the era’s glam rock giants with an homage to Sweet, Slade and T. Rex, combining all the colourful glittery pomp of glam with the darker edge of punk rock. And a Jimmy Savile lookalike…

Says the band: “Queen of Fucking Everything is our homage to the much loved glam rock period of the seventies, When we were teenagers we loved T Rex, Slade and The Sweet, so we couldn’t wait to squeeze into our leotards and compare lipsticks for the outrageous new video directed by Mark Richards, which combines the colourful glittery fashion of Glam with the darker edge of punk rock. This track is taken from our new album Fuctifano. Available to order now – We hope you like it”

This week the band released their second single, the delicately-monickered Queen Of Fucking Everything from the album, which will be released on the 6th of March in 2020 via Nuclear Blast offshoot Arising Empire! And of course this track and video was a shoe in as the latest piece of aural tomfoolery to receive the Sentinel Daily Recommends accolade! enjoy!